A Winter at the Beach

Not exactly a polar bear plunge, but still a refreshing trip to the beach in the offseason.

Patrick J. Regal


Photo by Joe Dudeck on Unsplash

When we set out on this mission to try one new thing every week, we never expected a majority of these experiments to be grandiose. Try a new recipe, play a new game, visit a new city. Our story titles might not be the most eye-catching, and I’m sure eating new foods and rolling dice isn’t a particular thrill for the reader — but we are having fun with this so far. It livens up our week every week. This is really our diary, after all.

This past week, we already had something fun planned — a socially distanced vacation to our favorite beach town, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We’ve been a few times already and have enjoyed ourselves every time. I had a three day weekend on the calendar thanks to President’s Day and T took some time off so we could make it happen.

We focused on enjoying our time away from home, relaxing and rejuvenating, and spending some uninterrupted quality time together. As a result, we didn’t do anything this week like eat a Carolina Reaper or fly in a helicopter, we did what we normally do: eat, shop, go the movies, and relax — but we got to do them away from home and we got to explore some new places in our favorite little town:

  • We stayed at our first bed and breakfast.
  • We tried four new restaurants.
  • We visited some new outlet stores and shopped tax free.
  • We found some new favorite thrift stores.
  • We visited a new movie theater and our combined ages plus about 40 would have still left us the youngest people there.
  • We tracked down President Joe Biden’s vacation home and I was shocked at how easy it was to roll up. No clear security or anything. Very surprising. I was particularly touched by the sign that said “Forever Jill”.

What should we say we tried did this week? We tried a lot of small things.

How about this: We explored our favorite beach town in the offseason.

We’re back home now — ready to get back to work. See you next week.

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