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Educator. Artist. Founder and Editor of Feature Presentation. Instagram: patrickjregal

We’ve been busy, but we’ve still been trying new things.

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Too busy to try something new.

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Yes, I was actually bothered by this.

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  1. They have Big and Carrie play out the most predictable storyline imaginable. If there’s one thing they never were, it’s predictable.
  2. It’s 2 hours and 25 minutes long. That is way too long.
  3. Samantha lives in L.A. It’s called Sex and the City, not Sex and a Couple Cities.
  4. Charlotte is the only character with any sense and they make this poor woman poo her pants in Mexico for no reason.
  5. Steve would never do anything to hurt Miranda!
  6. Speaking of the show’s best male characters — Justice for Aidan! Where is he?
  7. Aren’t Stanford and Anthony are supposed to…

Who will win? Who am I rooting for?

Second place ain’t too shabby.

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Our first time at a ballpark in almost two years.

I doubted and I was proven wrong.

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Movies to pair with Netflix’s latest offering.


An update after three months on our new adventure.

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Do your homework before their latest matchup.

Warner Bros.

King Kong (1933)

Patrick J. Regal

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