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Educator. Artist. Founder and Editor of Feature Presentation. Instagram: patrickjregal
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Feature Presentation’s Staff Picks is not a best-of list. How do you even craft a list of the best of something as subjective as film? This is a list designed to highlight films (and occasionally television shows or other mediums of entertainment) of a certain theme or topic. It’s a watchlist, they are suggestions. Movies on this list will very in quality, length, genre, and home video or streaming availability.

This list’s theme: The Internet, or Social Media

Feels Good Man (2020)

In their postgame press conferences after a close 36–35 victory over the reigning AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs, what did Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh and former MVP and Ravens QB Lamar Jackson want to talk about?

The Detroit Lions — their Week 3 opponents.

After two nail biters (Week 1’s loss to the Las Vegas Raiders in overtime was a blow), the Baltimore Ravens have learned many things about the functionality and rhythm of their team and are ready to take a reworked version into the Motor City.

The Sunday Night Football defeat of Kansas City was triumphant, but…

The Walt Disney Company

The other night, I got in my car, drove to the mall, fought traffic, and had to circle the lot a few times before I found a parking spot.

I showed the usher my ticket, ordered my small popcorn and drink, and found my seat in row E, seat 14.

Clearly, I’m at the movie theater, I’m here to see…

The Golden Girls?

This past Tuesday, September 14th, was the 36th anniversary of the first time The Golden Girls aired on television. To celebrate this peculiar anniversary, Fathom Events orchestrated an evening of the show on big screens all across…

I watch a lot of movies. I write about many of them — I don’t write about many others. Many do not warrant a full essay, but I still, of course, have my opinions. Here are some “haiku reviews” — short musings with a twist — for movies, both new and old, that I watched recently.

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Moneyball (2011)

Nobody eats like

Brad, easily one of the

best baseball movies

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Summer is officially over.

I’m a middle school teacher and not only are we back to school after ten glorious weeks, I have now made it a tradition to spend one of my final free weekends engaged in my very own 24-hour movie marathon.

The idea is simple: Watch movies for 24 hours. The rules are simple: Minimize time spent doing other things and focus on the movies.

The execution is harder than it sounds.

I attempted it for the first time last year and ran out of steam as I approached the ~18 hour mark. But I learned many…

Image by Randolph Rice from Pixabay

It should come to no surprise to anyone that this year’s Baltimore Orioles are not good. Expectations were low in spring training. Now, as September approaches, Skipper Brandon Hyde sends out a team that has barely cracked 40 wins. Their recent 19 game losing streak is tied for 12th worst of all time. They are 1–17 on the season against the division-leading Tampa Bay Rays. I was at the most recent Rays series, and a Baltimore fan went on a heckling tirade in the 6th inning directed towards Tampa Bay because the score was 3–2 Tampa. “Come on!” he yelled…

Photo by deborah cortelazzi on Unsplash

Dedicated readers, we did it. This is the moment you have been waiting for…

We found an apartment!

I’m sure you’re happy for many reasons. First, you are (hopefully) happy for us as we have found a wonderful place we will be moving into next month. Security deposit paid, lease signed, walkthrough completed. All that’s left is finding furniture to fill this massive new place. We’ve already made an IKEA trip and a very heavy couch has been carried six blocks, so we are well on our way.

I’m also sure you’re glad you don’t have to read about apartment…

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

We’re on a mission to try something new every week. That’s what this whole diary is about. You know this — you’ve been following along since the beginning of 2021. We’re trying to make it A Good Year.

But this week, life got in the way.

Taylor is working on finding a new job. I had a lot of grading to catch up on. We’re still touring apartments. We’re packing up for Taylor’s (belated) graduation ceremony this week. We’re trying to plan for a summer where nothing is concrete yet.

Don’t forget the usual chores: laundry, cooking, dishes, car washes.

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  1. They have Big and Carrie play out the most predictable storyline imaginable. If there’s one thing they never were, it’s predictable.
  2. It’s 2 hours and 25 minutes long. That is way too long.
  3. Samantha lives in L.A. It’s called Sex and the City, not Sex and a Couple Cities.
  4. Charlotte is the only character with any sense and they make this poor woman poo her pants in Mexico for no reason.
  5. Steve would never do anything to hurt Miranda!
  6. Speaking of the show’s best male characters — Justice for Aidan! Where is he?
  7. Aren’t Stanford and Anthony are supposed to…

This article needs little to no introduction as this is probably not the only one of these you will read leading up to Sunday. I am looking forward to this year’s Oscars because not only was I able to see so many of the nominees, many people did — they were more widely available than ever before as many of them are available to stream.

I excluded categories in which I felt like I had no skin in the game, or where I did not see a majority of the nominees (typically 3 of the 5). …

Patrick J. Regal

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